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February 10 2013

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Best profit ever.
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November 27 2012

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Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt are doing some incredible artwork around Europe. Together, they are the Etam Cru and they are putting Polish street art on the map with their incredible large-scale pieces that can span buildings 10 stories high.

While the gallery below highlights their street art murals, both artists also do fantastic canvas work using oils and acrylics. You can find an extensive gallery of both artists (both individually and as ‘Etam’) on their official website: etamcru.com



1. Sainer: Birdyboat – Gdynia, Poland 2012

Photograph by Tadao Cern



2. Etam: Traphouse – Lodz, Poland 2012



3. Etam, SatOne: Bang! – Lodz, Poland 2011



4. Etam: Baloon – Lodz, Poland 2011



5. Sainer: Primavera – Lodz, Poland 2012



6. Etam, Pener Tone: G.Wilkp
Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland 2010



7. Etam, Chazme, Sepe, Lump: Jazz in free times
Szczecin, Poland 2010



8. Bezt: Kameleone – Warsaw, Poland 2011






10. Etam: Removal – Kazan, Russia 2012



11. Etam, Chazme, Pain, Sepe: Circulation – Bydgoszcz, Poland 2010



12. Etam: Eskimo – Bydgoszcz, Poland 2011



13. Etam: Makao – Halle, Germany 2012









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highly recommends:









Source: twistedsifter.com

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sie cholery tłuką ...
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irish/german blend
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This raccoon never left the side of a cat who was dying of a tumor. The cat was comforted for the final hours of her life by her long time friend.


The bottom right gif… aaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Even animals are more humane than humans sometimes.

October 22 2012

Great picture of A Walrus's reaction after being presented with a fish cake for his birthday.
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September 06 2012

Chcę kózkę!
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August 19 2012

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bruce almighty
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Happy Potter, the boy who laughed

Happy Potter and the Smiling Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Smiles

Happy Potter and the Comedian of Azkaban

Happy Potter and the Goblet of Giggles

Happy Potter and the Order of Puppies

Happy Potter and the Happy Bubbly Prince

Harry Potter and the Lively Hallows.

Join Happy Potter,
Hermione Giggler, and
Ron Wheezing,
in a hilarious adventure to make the Dark Lord laugh.

Lord Loldemort is depressed and angry because he isn’t like Happy Potter or Albust Out Laughing Dumbledore. He is joined by a band of equally depressed Laugh Eaters, like Belowtricks LeStrange, and Losinit Malfoy.

Happy must go through many jokes and playful riddles, facing Severe Huss Snape, finding Loldemort’s mysterious Whorecruxes… Which are the only thing that can make him laugh.

Happy is joined by his ragtag team of ex-clowns, Siriusly Black, Remus Laughing, Tinks, The Wheezings, Mad-Eye Not-Moody, Kingsley Cacklebolt, and many others. Together they can save the Wizarding world from sure peril.

omg it’s back

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Sand under the microscope

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August 11 2012

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